Order and pay at your table with Waitless.

Why wait for the waitress to take your order when it can only be a few taps away? Go Waitless!

Why Choose Waitless?

Take a look at how Waitless can save you time and make it easier to choose the food you love.

Choose from restaurants near you

Find the restaurant you're in by using your phone's location.

Save your favourite restaurants

Quickly find the restaurants you visit most often, from your list of favourites.

Special benefits and discounts

Waitless works with restaurants to bring you the best dining options and deals!

Awesome Features

The Waitless App's features don't stop there!

Browse a visual menu

See beautifully curated menus to help you with your choice.

See your basket

Make sure you have everything you want and customise individual items.

Easy payments

Pay through the app easily, Apple or Android Pay!

Split the bill

Easily split the bill with your Waitless friends

Review your experience

Say how much you loved the service and tip through the app.

Make a list of your favourites

Quickly find the restaurants you love more by adding them to your own favourites list.

See How it Works

Using Waitless is simple! You can sit at any of our affiliated restaurants, place your order on your phone, pay and enjoy your food! No need to wait for the waiter when you're done! Take a look at the video we've prepared to see how easy it is to use Waitless!

Video Coming Soon.

Waitless Screenshots

Easy to use user interface, take a look for yourself!

Get This App (Coming Soon)

It's completely free and will be available to download for your iPhone or Android

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Waitless is a service which allows you to use your phone to order food and drinks at thousands of restaurants in any Waitless city. You can quickly find the restaurant, sit at a table, order your food and pay for it. Just leave when you're done!

With Waitless, you and your friends can sit at any of our affiliated restaurants and pubs, place your order directly on the phone, pay and tip, without waiting for a waiter to take your order, or to pay.

As soon as you find the restaurant you're sitting in, you're ready to order. Find the food and drinks you want from a visual menu, customise for any requirements or allergies, review your order and pay. You enter the table number when you checkout, and then you just wait for your food to be served. When you're done you can just leave! And don't forget to tip (which you can also do through the app!)

The waitless app is completely free to download and use! You pay normal menu prices through the app, just as you would if you ordered to a waiter!

We accept any major credit or debit card, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Of course! Your tips go to all the restaurant staff, not just the waiters! So don't forget to tip when you leave! Waitless will remind you to as soon as you leave, but you can tip the restaurant any time within seven days after you've had your food!

You can use Waitless in thousands of restaurants across all the cities we're in! There is no limit as to which city or country you can use it in, as long as the restaurants you want to dine in is a Waitless restaurant!

You can contact us at hi@waitlessapp.com